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Memorial Day - To Honor the Fallen

There is a Difference!Armed Forces DayThe third Saturday of each May – Honors those ServingMemorial DayThe last Monday of each May – Remembering those who Died While ServingVeteran’s DayThe 11th day of each November – Honors those who ServedMcShan Florist Honors FallenFor several years now, it’s been our privilege to provide flowers for the Memorial Day Ceremonies at the DFW [...]

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Mother's Day is Almost Here! Now why is it this weekend...?

The story of “Mothering Sunday” in England is deeply rooted in a bygone tradition from the 1600s – customs so far from our reality today that it’s actually quite fascinating. History explains that during this time, poor people in England sent their young children to work as domestic servants or to serve as apprentices with the wealthy. At that [...]

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Quarterly Kudos - Guns & Hoses of North Texas, Eric Usrey

Community service work has boundless avenues of expression, and at McShanFlorist, it’s our privilege to recognize members of our team who are involved incauses that benefit our great city. Eric Usrey is not only one of those people, he’salso a third-generation member of our family who has followed in the footsteps ofhis father and grandfather.Eric [...]

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Earth Day Texas at Fair Park This Weekend!

No, Big Tex won’t be overseeing the festivities, but that’s ok. You'll find fun, interactive and educational activities for every age all weekend at Earth Day Texas' giant, eco-friendly event hosted at Fair Park. And it’s all free! Check out the impressive list of activities at: http://earthdaytx.org/event-guide/Green plants are the ideal Earth Day gift to [...]

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Tonight the Dallas Skyline is Turning Blue ….

AND IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KIDSThat’s because the Court Appointed Special Advocates are raising awareness for the 20,000+ abused and neglected children in Dallas each year. Some must be removed from their homes and endure the lengthy process in which a judge will determine where they may safely and permanently live. As they [...]

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Plant Care Tip - How to Care for Your Chrysantemum

LightIndirect light keeps your plant flowering for a longer period of time.TemperatureModerate temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures at night keep your plant in top condition.  Keep out of hot or cold drafts.  WateringWater when the soil feels dry or you notice the plant beginning to wilt.  Do not allow the plant to stand [...]

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Plant Care Tip - How to Care for Your Gardenia

LightWhile many plants enjoy moderate light, your gardenia prefers a lot of light.  Keep it in an area where it will get a lot of natural sunlight.TemperatureModerate temperatures are best, and make sure to keep it out of hot or cold drafts.  The drafts can cause the plant to lose its flowers.WateringKeep the soil moist. [...]

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Plant Care Tip - How to Care for Your Azalea

LightBright and indirect sunlight is ideal for these plants, whether they are inside or outside.TemperatureCool and humid temperatures are best.  Keep plants out of hot or cold drafts. However, many thrive outside if planted in early spring (after the winter cold is gone but before the summer heat).WateringWater only when the soil surface feels dry. [...]

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Plant Care Tip - How to Care for Your Hyndrangea

LightKeep your hydrangea in moderate light.  While these plants prefer the shade when outdoors, too much shade will cause the plant to not bloom.  Partial sunlight is best.TemperatureLike many plants, the hydrangea prefers moderate temperatures.  These plants prefer things on the cooler side which is why you would want to plant them in a shaded [...]

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