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Mother's Day is Almost Here! Now why is it this weekend...?

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The story of “Mothering Sunday” in England is deeply rooted in a bygone tradition from the 1600s – customs so far from our reality today that it’s actually quite fascinating. History explains that during this time, poor people in England sent their young children to work as domestic servants or to serve as apprentices with the wealthy. At that time, it was considered important by the people that these children who were living away from their families be given a chance to go home, one day a year. Really? Yes, that was “Mothering Sunday.”

By the time the Industrial Revolution was transitioning lifestyles and commerce in England, Mothering Sunday changed too. It evolved into a day children and moms attended services at a “Mothering Church,” a/k/a “their church,” not their “daughter’s church,” which would have been “the closest church to home.” Children then presented their mothers with flowers collected from their walks to the church—perhaps this was the beginning of today’s time-honored tradition of giving flowers to mom on Mother’s Day? Could be!

Fast-forward to the future, and our British friends have been celebrating Mother’s Day very much like we Americans do, honoring our moms, grandmothers, wives and daughters with flowers, gifts and family get-togethers. Their date is different though – spoke to a London visitor recently who was surprised to discover that Mother’s Day was on March 6 this year. The English celebrate Mother's Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent vs. the second Sunday in May as we do here in the U.S.

And there you have it. A little Mother’s Day trivia to share with your beloved mother and all the special moms in your life!

Happy Mother’s Day from all your friends at McShan Florist.

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